Friday, April 17, 2009


I started teaching a painting class two weeks ago. It is through Modesto's Parks and Recreation program, taught at the senior center. That should have been a clue. Turns out senior is the key word. Though the class is open to anyone over 18, I may be the youngest person there. The eight ladies in the class would show up and paint even when there was no teacher during the previous term. They all had their projects in various stages of completion, and quickly were absorbed in there work. After the first hour I felt like there was little for me to do. I did have my paints there so after letting everyone know that I was available for help, I started painting. I did the lilacs above. My painting style is different than everyone there. I paint quickly, layering colors and filling the whole canvas. The first class there was casual attention paid to what I was doing, everyone had there own projects to consume them. I think they were surprised how the painting I was working on evolved, every time they looked up, my painting looked markedly different.

The second class, I arrived a little late. I think they were afraid that I was scarred off and would not show up. After assisting everyone with there paintings I was asked if I would be painting. Someone brought in geraniums to paint, she wanted to try my techniques. I did a painting demo, everyone stopped what they were doing to watch. I did not want to block there view so I tried to paint from the side of the easel, it is not easy.

lilacs   8" x 8" oil on board
geraniums   6" x 6" oil on board

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I paint things. Sometimes it is hard to choose what to paint–sometimes it is not. I often will paint something because it will be difficult to capture. When challenged by a subject I'm not sure how I will capture I am often surprised with the out come. When I paint it is a lot like solving a puzzle, as I put the spots of color in place it is easy to equate it to finding a jigsaw pieces fitting together. I like working from life, having the subject in front of me. It's the equivalent to the picture on the box top in 3-D.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

San Diego

This morning, I was thinking about this painting of Balboa Park, and a few hours it came up in a conversation. So today might be a good day to post it. Both of these images are from a trip to San Diego a few years back. It was good to paint in the park. I love the architecture in the park. It was nice to be able to capture a piece of it. The bottom painting is from a friends roof deck. Painted at night, it was interesting to see how the nocturnal landscape differed from the daytime view.  
Balboa Park   8" x 8" oil on canvas
deck's view 8" x 8" oil on canvas