Friday, January 25, 2013

plumb blossoms

39" x 24.5"

It took me the better part of two days to get the painting packed and to the post office. Time spent packing the painting is only a fraction of what it took to produce it but the creative time seems to flow at a different speed. The process of applying colors and honing the surface is time rewarded by the anticipated visual rewards. Maybe it is the space needed to protect and secure the painting is what I resent the most. It's the sacrifice of my work table for packing and not painting is what I begrudge. Being in the right state of mind to create needs to align with having the space to be creative. 

Sunday, January 6, 2013


framed size: 54" x  26"
It is now 2013. I decided It might be a good time to begin posting things on this blog with more frequently. So far so good, I'm typing. This maybe a good way to share the images, if only I did not have to actually do it. The process of finding words that communicate is often a struggle. While painting my mind is full of thoughts that never get transposed to words let alone type. 

The above image Willing to Forgive—Wanting to Forget, constructed of layers of acrylics and iridescent washes built up over a ridged gesso base on unstretched canvas. Is a good example of the way I have been working over the past year. My mind races with directions I want to go while working with this technique. I do like the the results I am getting but a lot of time and space is required to archive the desired effects.