Thursday, January 28, 2010

pair of pears

both 8"x 8" oil on board
Painted some pears the other day. Same pears, different time of day. The top pair had the cool light of a foggy day reflecting on the table top and back lighting the fruit. The second painted after the sun set, show the rosy side of the pears with a spotlight aimed upon them. The contrast between the two images reiterate the truth "timing is everything".

Sunday, January 17, 2010

sunny day paintings

10" x 8" oil on board
We had a sunny day last week. Seems like it was the only this year. It was energizing and I ended up spending the day indoors painting. I did gather up some hose hips and privet berries from my yard for a still life. This winter bounty from my yard, inspired me with the blues and orange.
20" x 16" oil on canvas
It still looks a lot like Christmas around here. Probably the final Christmas painting of the season. I managed to get all three trees in this painting. I've done details of each already, glad to capture them together in there environment. The complexity of the trees is a challenge that I could go on painting, but by this time of year it seems an odd thing to do. The subject of the top painting is visible in this painting also. I did not have the lights on the tree in this painting, feels odd to light them the last few weeks. I have a few other paintings this size of interiors that I like this with. If I ever want to exhibit them together I need to be aware of the time of year. Christmas trees are much better in the latter pare of the year.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

by the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful...

after what seams like weeks of fog and gloom the sun is out today

9.75" x 3.75 oil on board
This location is one I have painted many times. This painting from a photo I borrowed brought back so many memories of this vista, I felt I was there again. I took painting workshops in Carpintera over 15 years ago. I haven't been back since, but with a paintbrush in hand the terrain was very familiar.
18" x 36" oil; on canvas
This studio painting of the Santa Cruz lighthouse is also from photo reference. Not a vista I have painted before, it was more of a struggle to capture the feel of the place. I created more of a feeling of winter in this painting, taking more of a clue from the weather around me as I painting than the atmosphere of the day I took the photos.