Sunday, May 3, 2009

Paint Devil & apple

Here are two more images that I painted while teaching at the senior center. I wanted to show a simple subject can have enough interest to stand alone. I walked into the center with no idea of what I would paint. I borrowed the apple from a student, set it on the nearest table top and started painting. The overhead florescent lights coming from every direction gave me (for lack of a better word) interesting shadows on the dull aluminum tabletop. I tried to show how casually I slapped down color, building up layers to create the effect that expressed the apple. I was not taking the painting to seriously while working on it, walking away often to see how everyone was doing.

The following week; again I walk in not knowing what I would paint. After spending time with each student to help them with there paintings. I started to look for something to paint. I found there was a lending library across the room. I selected these three books and started painting. Setting up the composition I kept in mind the advice I was giving my students. I wanted to be sure my painting did not have awkward indiscretions I just advised then to be aware of. The titles of the books were not an issue when I selected my subjects, colors, scale of image and patterns were my criteria. I did not notice what the bottom book said till after I was painting it. The words; PAINT DEVIL was all that showed, I found the juxtaposition of these word segments amusing enough to be sure they were readable. Seems right that muse and amusing are so similar. I like to keep things light hearted when I'm teaching.
both images are 8" x 10" oil on panel

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