Tuesday, September 21, 2010

current show, II

On display currently at Pursley's in Turlock are many of my smaller paintings. I paint a lot on 8"x8" and 8"x10" boards. A wide variety of subjects are found among these paintings. Many of these paintings were hung in grouping on the walls of this showroom, and many more lined up on shelves and this showcase. This may not be the best way of viewing each image. But it was a fun and easy way to 'showcase' the pieces as well as a few of the objects that found there way into my work. I enjoy the juxtaposition of the subjects and images. Maybe arranged in a certain way they tell a story, I'm sure it must be a mystery.

I like the way the painted images interact with one another. Often there is a common thread between paintings, a subject, the perspective, color pallet... The list could be endless. It was nice having the abundance of similar sized paintings on hand. I was able to edit a grouping to meet a perspective customer's particular needs.

The painting of goldfish in the photo above was used as the study for a larger painting . This 8"x5" oil on board became the subject on a 4'x9' sheet of glass. I had to paint on the reverse side of the glass with transparent color. The glass was supported on heavy duty saw horses so I could climb beneath it to see the progress of the work. The photo below shows my goldfish in an early stage. Kristi Hughes was painting a similar sheet of glass along side of me that evening. It took all of our strength for us to flip the glass to see the paint from it's front side. I am grateful I never had to move this piece of art or worse yet have to store it.

Kristi and I always have fun being creative together.

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