Tuesday, September 21, 2010

current show

I currently have paintings on display in Turlock CA at Pursley's Interiors, 206 N. First Street. It is a show I share with Kristi Hughes who's paintings are also seen here. Our is work distinctly different but we work well together, I feel they show well together. Most of my work is painted in oils but I have included a few mixed medium pieces in this show. The two panel painting of pods in the photo below is one of example of the departure from oil paint. The four bug paintings on the floor and the painting on the left with the calligraphy are Kristi's work.

The photo below shows the corner of the room, better for seeing the placement of the work than the quality. The paintings under the window are mine, a pair of mixed medium wings. I incorporated some of Kristi's techniques in this work, as well as returning some of the materials I used prior to my near exclusive use of oil paint for the last 15+ years.

The view of across the room shows more of the art. Much of my recent work has been 8"x8" squares, oil on board. In this show many of the small paintings were grouped together and hung as a column. It was refreshing for me to see them hung this way, I am more used to seeing them arranged horizontally, lined up on a shelf in my studio. Kristi's work shown in this photo include the two large pieces on the far wall, the bugs below them and the tall narrow piece seen to the right of the cabinet.

I will post more of this shown soon.

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