Monday, August 9, 2010

Platers and Pomegranates

Red pomegranates and white platters upon a white table cloth. The limited color pallet of these paintings allowed me to focus on the space around the subject. Representing the environmental space within a painting does not need to include vast vistas. The relationship between objects needs to be seen within the space around it.
both 8" x 10" oil on board

Shadows from window mullions create the background for this painting. Dried pods from a flowering tree join the pomegranates on the platter.


  1. I love the diagonals (the set up of plates in the first, and the branch in the second painting) leading the viewers eye in both paintings. It creates an appealing composition.

  2. You truly have an eye for light and shadow.

  3. There is a different between copying and mastering the composition of light and shadow. I prefer the mastering.