Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Brandy Rose

The Brandy rose is one of my very favorite. I am fond of it's rich apricot color, the large scale of it's bloom and the sentimental memories it represents. My first Brandy rose bush was a gift from Florance and Tokio Shimanuki, who were visiting California celebrating there 50th wedding anniversary. I always associate this rose with them and their love for each other. Also the golden color fit in well with the golden anniversary tradition. This painting was done with thoughts of enduring love, to celebrate the marriage of there son Francis to Yoko last summer. I have a Brandy rose just outside my bedroom window,it is mostly sticks with thorns now but it won't be to long till it will be in bloom again. The first blooms of spring are always the best.
8" x 8" oil on board

Often I will paint something to celebrate or commemorate an event. It's a way to hold something close to my heart. I am not always able to express my feelings in words. There are a number of paintings that for me are connected to people or events in ways that there subject can never express. 

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