Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Where to paint

These two paintings currently hang together in my home studio. The top image painted about two years ago in a studio gallery I had in Modesto CA. It was great to have a place to paint and a place to show my work. I regret that I had to give it up, the demands on my time and resources were to much at the time. Most of all it was located in the wrong place. People do not buy art in Modesto. The studio was on its way out at the time of this painting, I was trying to show as much of this space as I could. It seems the main focus was to record that place at that time. 

Since then, I have been painting at home. The painting of the lamp in front of the orange velvet drapes is a view from where my easel is now. The color and pattern of the light attracted me first, then there was the old hi-fi piled high with glassware and disco balls, I think there is even Batman's arch rival the Penguin in there somewhere. Again I am recording my environment. Where I am is where I paint. 
both: 16" x 12" oil on canvas

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