Wednesday, August 12, 2009

tiki joy rideDid you hear the one about the tikies

It took only 3 tries to get this image to post.

Did you hear the one about the tikies in the Edsel? Well they it are; carved wooden tikies in a toy '58 Edsel upon the table top that has been in the last few postings. I like the shapes in the upper half of this painting, there is a simplicity in the division of form that contrasts with the more detailed bottom half. Having painted just about all the elements in this painting before it is the handling of the paint that keeps the subject interesting for me. As a bit of an old car buff the rendering of a car can destroy an image for me. I try not to supply to much detail because that is where the errors show up. But I want to know the car when I see it represented in a painting. The '58 Edsel is quite distinct that can make it easier to recognize but still a challenge.

10" x 8" oil on board

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