Sunday, February 15, 2009


I  got 2 images to post but now the text is underlined.
Don't have a clue how or why.

Above are two paintings I did while visiting my family during the Christmas holidays. My brother was a decent model he held the pose so well that when he did move it was disturbing. He was watching the first three episodes of MAD MEN. I missed most of the show while painting and had to watch them again first chance I got. Great show full of some very cool lamps. My mother doing the crossword puzzles was not aware she was the subject of my painting and was not holding a pose. I can see where a little more editing of brush strokes would have been helpful. Her head appears wider in this painting then in life.

both:  8" x 8" oil on board

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  1. I think it really cool that with your mom's picture being right there next to yours. You are both wearing blue with a shock of orange and collars are similarly positioned. Just a little serendipity!