Friday, February 13, 2009

Zombie Ken & life's pattern

This painting made me wonder why I paint what I paint.

It sometimes surprises me the subjects I chose. I have noticed some patterns and themes even but I wonder "WTF"! I suppose the same can be said of what I chose to collect. Another pattern is forming, it brings to mind the patterns found on the floor to a casino, not all patterns are good. 

I like to paint what is in front of me. Working from life, even if it is still life is a is a challenge that intrigues me. When you are looking at something for the length of time it takes to do a painting, you realise that the perspective you are looking at your subject changes. At least for me. I do move around some, not much, but my head would need to be immobilized to keep my line of sight consistent. It is having the reference of the subject in front of me that allows me to study the relationships between areas of the composition.

Zombie Ken
8" x 8" oil on board

OK this subject is maybe not the most main stream. This Ken doll, it's an old one in it's original suit without a shirt. Ken is kind of stiff, a little dingy, seedy, looking and oh yea, there is a big hole on his right side of his head. Looks zombie to me. Here I paired Ken with a swoopy ceramic dish holding lucite grapes, a fun combination (to me anyway) but not a subject of mass appeal. For added challenge I added a small carved sandalwood urn. The urn smells like in incense. I suppose the challenge here is keeping unrelated objects looking like they have something in common. Maybe I'm painting the space between things. I don't know and don't have the time to think of this now.

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