Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm back

Just trying to get the hang of this
To often I will do something once on the computer and never figure out how to do it a second time.

Back in the day (this is like saying "once upon a time)
during the late 80's till June of 1991 when I moved to CA. I was working at Du Pont as a graphic Designer. There was an IT person; Dawn. She was who you called when you had computer issues. I now so much regret how I overlooked the role she played. I don't have an in house techie, to keep me current on the computer. I figure this is one of the main reasons people have kids, they can program the VCR, change the ring tones on the phone and all sort of other things to keep a person current in this high tech world. I don't have kids, so I'm very 'old school'
...miss you Dawn

Because I'm not so tech savvy doing everything on my computer all the time...
Hey I even use my phone to talk— Don't expect me to text you!

... I paint

I guess that is what this is all about. 
Me   Painting

I tried to place the image with the text, within the dialog of this blog but it seems to want to be at the very beginning. Tried to add a second image, I haven't seen that one appear. There may be limits I'm not aware of or maybe it's me. I might never know.

The above image: 'Randy'
8x8" oil on board, I have a lot of these this size.

I found this mannequin while in Pennsylvania  over the Christmas Holidays (maybe it is a boyequin) at a antique booth at the Kutztown farmers market. I was lucky that he fit in my suitcase for the flight back to CA. Alas he may be cute but he is not tech savvy.
He is wearing a scarf I made untold years ago from a scrap of vintage drape fabric when I was a student a Kutztown University (it was only a college then, it once was a normal school). Randy is next to a favorite lamp of mine (I tend to collect lamps, mid-century modern especially), behind him is a beautiful painting of a sky. It has about 1/2" of land bellow a yellow sky with cool blue grey clouds above that. I purchased this original (24x24") signed and framed painting from Good Will for $5, they were selling mass produced "indoor/outdoor" paintings of about the same size from Target in the same bin for four times as much. Below him you can see top of a painted cabinet. I have done a lot of painted furniture in the past, many of my small still lives show parts of furniture I have painted. Also in this painting is a orange glass poppy with clear glass leaves. (Ok, so I tend to collect glass flowers also)..

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