Wednesday, February 11, 2009

water pistol

Space Gun
8"x 8" oil on board

This water pistol with three rockets in graduating size and saturn embellishing it's handle also had the word  "S P A C E" spelled out on it. It is placed with a modern boomerang shaped ashtray, a few marbles and a blue plate.

I don't feel I captured the transparent quality of the water pistol in this painting. So I'm sure I'll be painting it again. I have noticed that in the past when I have trouble capturing the essence of a subject I will have to paint it again. There is a yellow green and grey vase that I have that painted many times before I felt I really captured it. It would show up in one out of four of my paintings there for a while. I seemed to lost interest in it once I got it. I haven't painted that vase in over a decade, but of course it has been packed away for the last eight years. 

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