Monday, February 16, 2009

money plant

This is more like it. I had to save the image as a gif file, I do not know why this image would not work as a jpeg. 

Money Plant 24" x 24" 
This view from my easel shows a couple of figure sculptures I did while I lived in San Francisco while working with sculptor Marilyn I. Rodriguez. Both sculptures were originally done in clay, the female is in it's original fired clay form the black piece is a bronze. I once tossed the stripe fabric aside after using it in a still life, it landed on the sculpture and I liked the turban look and that fabric has been there since. 

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  1. I think it's cool that the photos came out in different colors. And I still can't figure out how you are cranking out all of these marvelous paintings so fast. Tell me how to put that watermark thing on, I should be doing it on my designs also but I'm a newcomer to this blogging thing too.