Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A True Classic

A denim jacket tossed aside on a modern chair. Symbols of style. The objects that combine to form a composition, tell a story, set a mood. Is there a story? Will a painting ever tell it all? The things we surround ourselves with probably tell more about who we are than any bio we might try to write up. I look at this image and I see the history of the objects. I know the owner of the jacket, I know he left wearing mine. The lamp that once fit in a suitcase was purchased in a place where colonial had value and mid-century has none. A small abstract figure painting on a block of wood that was left abandoned when a studio changed hand. The phone now disconnected because the ringer is ear-splitting. Things come together all around us, how we see them determines how the story is told to us.

It seams like I'm babbling, making up words instead of letting the image tell it's own story.
8" x 8" oil on board

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