Monday, February 16, 2009

Ok I've been blogging for a week now, and I still pretty much clueless with this process. I don't know why or how things happen with this. I attached 2 images the top one seems to have gone through some transformation  in being placed. It not a negative of the image the white did not turn black but the warm colors turned cool and the cool warm. Interesting to look at but it's not right.

These two paintings are currently at Crow Trading Company, 1208 J Street, Modesto CA

I will be there this Thursday evening for the Third Thursday Art Walk, 5 to 9 pm. I will have a selection of paintings on display and will be painting there that evening. If you can make it please stop by. There will be other artist displaying their work at various locations in downtown Modesto most are within easy walking distance

The above paintings are different than anything else that I posted so far. These are not oil paintings. They are acrylic/mix media paintings. The painting process is different due to the quick drying nature of the water based media. I tend to mix a lot of my colors on the painting with oil paint, that would not work with these paintings. 

Both are 24" x 24" on board

Brass Lanterns, the bottom image, is a view of some vintage lamp parts. They once were hanging swag lamps, and who knows? maybe some day they may hang again. 

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