Monday, February 23, 2009

pearl earings

Family Jewels 8" x 8" oil on board
It happened again. The color temperature switched when I attached this image. I liked the switched colors so I attached both versions. The top one with the cool shadows and warm pearls is correct. I had to take this image into photoshop and save it differently. I have no clue why this happens, this is the second image I had a problem with. There was no known difference to the way this originally was saved and the way all other images I posted except the fore mentioned other mutant. They all appear correct in all other aspects.

Anyway, about this image. The earrings that I painted here were once worn by a dear friend, Mary. Well as the story goes she wore them more than once. I saw Mary wearing them and I told her how good looking they were. She offered them to me. I turned her down. What am I going to do with earrings? Even if I had piercings these would not fit my personal style. Times go by I forgot all about these little danglers. I see Mary wearing them again. Again I tell her how nice they are. They are nice. Well she wants me to have them again, and I can not get away from her with out these earrings. Now I have them, so I paint them. I've done a few paintings with these gems included.

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