Sunday, February 15, 2009

Green & Glass

Here is the painting I completed last night. I started it right after I finished with zombie ken. I had been thinking about the reasons I paint what I paint. The subjects I choose vary a bit. Ken was strange as was that ceramic piece he stood with. So I like strange, no surprise. I was thinking about what else attracts my eye. One subject of interest is color. Placing objects together for there color relationship is something I do. The painting on my easel was chosen because the yellow-green Bauer bowl and the pale green Poppytrail platter were setting on my dinning table, I had company last weekend and had not put the crockery away after it was washed. I liked the colors together, I was in the mood to paint with a cooler pallet after the warm tones that surrounded ken. For interest I added the blue glass, a cobalt blue sphere and a fluted turquoise bowl, there is also a quartz sphere sitting in the bowl. Of course the table top, a warm reddish brown, sets off the shades of blue, yellow and green.

a seasonal disorder
I had expected to paint with friends today. A group of local artist get together about 10 times a year and paint and socilize in someones studio or home. The combination of good friends and good food is a good working environment for me. This weekend's "Paint Day" at Gaye & Don's home was rained out. Their house is surrounded by orchards that is still more dormant than vibrant this week, in be a week or two blossoms will be everywhere.

I probably would not be living in the central valley of California if not for the almonds. My first visit to the area must have been in March 2000. The almond orchards were in bloom. As a visual person I was enthralled. It cast light on the whole area that did not dim until after my stuff was here. I have often said the reason I'm here is because it is where my stuff is.

I peck away at these keys wishing the screen would be in focus without having to ware glasses. 
I have noticed for years a feeling of regret and sorrow when the orchids bloom. I begin to morn there loss before they leave. The two weeks or so when they look to be covered in what looks like snow even though the weather feels like spring is so mesmerising that I can not get enough. I feel I should be painting all the time, and even if that was possible it would not be enough.

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