Monday, February 9, 2009

I should be mowing my lawn

After reviewing my first post of yesterday's painting of the gumball machine, I realized that the painting I did prior to it could almost line up with it. This is a view of the stuff that piles up in front the window, the burnt red-orange velvet drapes and the pattern of the light on it was a major inspiration for this.  14"x 11" oil on canvas

I question how I will do with this blog. 
It seems that it will be another demand on my time. 

I mowed most of my yard yesterday. If I can finish it today I will get to return the mower I borrowed this weekend. My mower died in the fall and the lawn needed mowing for months. Yesterday it was in the 60's, 48 is what the thermometer read a few minutes ago. My 1/3 of an acre needs a lot more attention then I have to give it. Keeping the lawn mowed has pretty much been the only concession to yard maintenance I have been able to handle. I'll need to weed gardens if I can't mow, they always look worse when the grass (I use this term as a general term, my lawn is mainly a variety of weeds that I try to keep short) is as shaggy as them.

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