Saturday, February 21, 2009

painted finishes

Today, I have been working on doing a painted finish on a wall. This mocha colored wall has a 30" round clock that hangs on it. I am painting  some scroll shapes in iridescent colors to go behind it. 

I have done a lot of painted finishes in the past. I like what can be done on a wall or piece of furniture with paint. There was a time when I had quite a paint collection. I was a wall paint junky. If I saw a color I liked I would buy it. I would go to hardware or paint stores and buy the cans of mismatched colors. The paint was cheap and I could do so much with it. At one point (it could have been the point of no return) I realized I had hundreds of gallon paint cans and countless quart cans. I can only recall having paint mixed to order once unless I was going to paint a room, it was a quart a black-purple, and that was over 20 years ago for a particular piece of furniture.

I don't have that much paint now, though I do still have some paint from that stash as well as some that came my way more recently. Much of it has dried up by now, the worst part is finding a color when you want it and these cans take up a lot of space. I find it best to limit my pallet with these paints.

Working in oils I have a lot less demands on my space. 

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