Saturday, February 14, 2009

happy S A D

8" x 8" oil on thick board
In this painting a small dish embellished with a blue fleur-de-lis and ring along the edge, with a few candy message hearts, sits on a Melamine (plastic dinnerware) saucer of that very early 70's orange color. It was painted a year ago as an valentine with someone in mind. The contemporary idea of valentine's day is something I do not identify with. Everything is red and pink. The cadmium red light of the dish is as close to a red as I wanted to get. This so called holliday is a marketing product that exploits peoples' feelings. It is all about "showing your love" by spending money or is it more about increasing the awareness of people who are not mated up. I think it would be a much better day if we handed out valentines like in grade school. If you don't have a oddly shaped card with a heart on it to hand out — a smile will do.

today is SAD
Singles Awareness Day
if you are single today, you know it.

I saw someone this afternoon wearing a green plastic bowler hat. Seams this holiday is over and the merchandising is in place for the next consumer holiday.

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