Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I guess it's time to do this again

I wish I could add the picture after the copy, I'm writing this first and I expect the image will proceed this script.

I'm trying to include three pictures this time. So far nothing has showed up yet.

Harlequin glass  8" x 8" oil on board
This small juice glass with the pattern of red diamonds was a subject I was a little intimidated with. The scale of the alternating solid red and a halftone screen of the red was a bit tight, I was concerned that the detail would not translate clearly in a painting. I keep looking at this glass for weeks thinking I wanted to paint it, but I had low expectations of it as a painting. Until I saw light shining through it. The shadow gave me contrast and continuity, and I had to paint it right away. 

I collect
I wonder why I collect things. I first saw this glass sitting on a over crowded table top at an estate sale. It grabbed my attention, I pointed it out to Patrick (a dear friend and fellow collector of odd things). I did not want it, bringing something more home seemed like a bad idea. Patrick ended up getting it and giving it to me. Thanks, never have to much stuff...

I work hard not to consume, figure I have enough stuff already. Maybe it should be re-consume, since I rarely go out and buy something new, other than the obvious stuff: food, toothbrush, ect... 
Part of it is the limited availability of something second hand. Seldom do you find more than one of something, when I do it usually makes me want it even more. Price could be a factor, I always love a bargain. I did not believe those stories about starving artists while growing up but some things you gotta learn the hard way. As an artist it is not the pursuit of money that is the driving force in life, the creative drive changes a person's perspective. But back to the topic of mass accumulation of  things. Like the crow I'm attracted to shinny things. 

This month I will be showing some of my work during the Third Thursday Art Walk in Modesto, CA At CROW TRADING CO. 1208 J Street, Modesto, CA  209.579.2173 There is a lot of really great treasure in this antique store. I will be painting on location during the art walk 5pm to 9pm.

I also find that the things I am most attracted to tend to be things that have a personal association to. Thing that speak of childhood memories or desires. My sister Gina said that Randy resembled a character from the early childhood reader, you know the one... something like "Fun with Dick and Jane"  (you know there is a hella good punch line that goes with this)
I'm very much attracted to Mid Century Modern objects or sixties MOD, maybe to many reruns of Perry Mason or I Dream of Jeannie has something to do with it. Things I thought were tacky as a child I now covet. They are still tacky and I got to have them.

still haven't been able to load an image

I did get the lawn mowed yesterday and the mower returned. My compost pile is 2 feet taller than a week ago. I lost count how many times I emptied the bag on the mower, well over 30 times.

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